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ul. Sympatyczna 6/1

35-314  Rzeszów

Pracownia14 – Architects

Holistic solutions tailored to the customers’ vision and preferences. Timeless form, spatial relations and selection of materials guaranteeing maximum functionality of the surface. Pracownia14 is a team of architects full of passion and sublime esthetic sense. Pracownia14 stands for creativity, simplicity of design and efficiency.


We took care of the comprehensive creation of a new brand image by:

  • Brand rebranding
  • Preparation of modern visual identification and copywriting
  • Website redesign with hand-painted icons: www.pracownia14.pl
  • Remodeling the offer of an architectural studio
  • Performing a photo session of the team
  • Preparation of printed materials consistent with the brand’s vision – business cards, folders, gift cards