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ul. Sympatyczna 6/1

35-314  Rzeszów

Mural SP4C3.W0M4N

The mural was made for a private client at 6 Staszica Street in Rzeszów.

The idea and execution lie on the part of our man who creates unconventional projects on the border of painting and street art, both commercial and spontaneous – Szczepan Rożek – illustrator, graphic artist and draftsman. The main inspirations are female beauty, nature and geometry. He appreciates non-obvious art, which is the result of his interest in tattoos and graffiti. He is involved in creative projects in urban and commercial spaces. By painting murals, the space of restaurants and offices adds a part of the vanguard to their everyday life.

Do you have free space to create another work? Are you a representative of the local government and want to introduce a touch of art to your city? You know where to find us.