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Bisou Atelier – Wedding Consultant

Bisou Atelier Agency – passion combined with many years of experience, where the strong emphasis is focusing on the individual history of each Bride and Groom. Through the details and personality of the projects, what is most beautiful is emphasized – real emotions that cannot be missed on this most important day. The key to creating the perfect ceremony is to implement the vision of the Bride and Groom with simultaneous attention to esthetics, professionalism and careful selection of subcontractors.


Bisou in colloquial translation from French means: a kiss. A gesture that embodies full and diverse range of feelings such as love, sincerity, longing and gratitude. The atelier is a place where meet unconventionality and we appreciate beauty. It is a workshop in which dreams based on the fundamental value of love become reality.


For the Bisou Atelier agency, we have carried out a number of activities creating an elegant and classic brand from scratch:

  • Logotype and brandbook
  • Copywriting and content for the website
  • Website design and implementation: www.bisouatelier.pl
  • Preparation of printed materials consistent with the brand vision